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How to grow your consciousness and spiritual mastery that works 1421599282 is an article posted in the Spirituality,�... Jun 3, 2017 � Spiritual Mastery is a mindset that you are your main guru and ... is accountable or responsible for your spiritual growth. ... One must be conscious of who they are before they can�... like this and learn how to become a channel without immediately engaging in personal growth; you just can't help it. Now, I grant that you don't have to be conscious or spiritual or channeling or all this kind of stuff to be involved in growth. I would like to share with you how to grow spiritually by expanding your consciousness. .... For example, I have to take care of my mind and body, because I need to take into account my higher purpose, which is life mastery. I want to be a role�... Jan 13, 2014 � Practice these 33 keys to spiritual mastery to unlock the door to consciousness: The key to ... Prayer is stating your intention to find the highest path and for the light to shine the wa